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What investments would provide me an income in the future?

There are a wide variety of different funds available for private investors, finding one that is right for you and helps you to reach your financial ambitions can seem daunting. 

Why should I do it?

There are many different reasons why people invest to provide a future income. Although most people receive their primary income through their salary, some people need to supplement this income through other means to fund their lifestyle goals or manage their day-to-day costs. As we approach retirement, investing for income becomes more important to manage our future retirement needs.

How we can help…

After analysing your financial situation, our advisers can help you understand the levels of income that you may require now and in the future to help you maintain your current standard of living.

We will put together an investment portfolio which will include a collection of assets that generates the highest possible annual income at the lowest possible risk. We will then ensure that this portfolio is monitored and rebalanced on a regular basis to ensure continued investment performance.

Case Studies

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Creating a medium to long-term investment plan is a good way of funding your financial ambitions or providing an emergency fund for a rainy day. Although riskier and less flexible than placing your money in a cash account or ISA, you have the opportunity of receiving a higher return on your investment in the medium to long-term.




If you are fortunate enough to have received a lump sum of money through inheritance or even redundancy, our advisers can devise an investment portfolio that balances your new wealth with your existing financial situation, plus answer any key lifestyle issues that may arise out of unexpectedly receiving a lump sum or inheritance.


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