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Reviewing your retirement options

As you near your retirement, it is important to understand your short and long-term goals to ensure that you can live in financial security throughout your retirement without worrying about if your money will run out. It is worth considering what you might need to live on in retirement and how this compares to your current expected retirement income. If you find that there is a potential gap, we can help you look at how you can increase your retirement income. 

Managing your pensions 

If you have acquired multiple pension plans throughout the course of your working life, then looking at consolidating them into a manageable investment will help you maximise the growth on your investment. You might also want to consider how your pension fund is invested. Traditionally, in the five to ten years from retirement, your pension pot would be switched gradually from being invested in stock markets into bonds and cash, to protect the value of your investment. 

Navigating your way through the maze different drawdown options as you approach retirement can also seem daunting. There are now more available options to drawdown on your pension than ever before. Our advisers can guide you through which options will help you live a comfortable retirement and ensure that you are not paying unnecessary tax bills.

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When will I be able to retire?

Andy and Alison Gascoyne approached us to help them plan for their retirement. They planned to divide their time between travelling and enjoying time on the water with their boat. They were keen to know when they would be in a financially secure position to allow them to retire or at least semi-retire. 

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The retirement journey

managing your retirement income

Once you have decided to stop work you are entitled to take a monthly sum from your retirement plan; but the planning should not stop there since your retirement fund may be needed for up to thirty more years. 

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PLANNING for your future

Pensions still remain one of the most tax efficient ways of saving.  Investing in a pension gives you several tax advantages. We can help you review and even consolidate pension schemes and look at ways to help you achieve a financial outcome that is right for you and your family. 

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