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Welcome to the news and views from Absolute Wealth Management! We have a passion for all things financial and want to share the most exciting insights with you to help bring some financial clarity into your life!

When was the last time your friends and family reviewed their pension?

21 October 2020

A survey carried out by YouGov only a few years ago found that over half the respondents who contributed to either a personal or workplace pension scheme had not reviewed their pension in the preceding three years. More worryingly, many of these people admitted that they had never carried out a pension review.

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How long term home working will affect your finances

14 October 2020

There’s a chance that many workplaces may never return to office. Several prominent tech firms have already said that their staff can continue to work from home even after the pandemic and the evidence suggests that a large number of other employers are thinking the same thing.

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The changing face of financial advice

06 October 2020

This article discusses how financial advisers across the nation have adapted to continue to deliver a valuable service at a period of upheaval which hasn’t been seen since the Second World War.

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4 key ways to prevent your children derailing your retirement savings

30 September 2020

The Bank of Mum and Dad is a well-known concept and we all hate to see our children struggle financially, which is why many parents continue to support their children well into adulthood.

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How much should I be saving towards my pension?

22 September 2020

Research shows that we put ambitious targets on our retirement income and then underestimate how much we need to save to get there.

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Retired women could be owed millions in underpaid state pensions

17 September 2020

Older women are being warned that they should check for a missing ‘marriage uplift’ that could be worth £10,000 or more, following a series of mistakes. 

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The emotions that arise when investing

09 September 2020

Emotions are important. We should listen to them… most of the time at least. However, investing is one case when it’s best to let rational thought take priority over your emotions. By all means, listen to your emotions, but don’t be led by them.

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Making sure you’re on track to retain your lifestyle in retirement

01 September 2020

Are you going through life with a vague notion that your pension contributions will be enough to give you a comfortable retirement without having done any precise calculations of late? Unfortunately, this means you could be on track for a significant shortfall. 

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Can you ‘trust’ your Life Assurance policy?

26 August 2020

According to some estimates, as few as 6% of life assurance policies in the UK are currently written in the form of a trust, although doing this can be advantageous.

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