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Welcome to the news and views from Absolute Wealth Management! We have a passion for all things financial and want to share the most exciting insights with you to help bring some financial clarity into your life!

Can money really buy happiness?

19 January 2021

Some people say money can’t buy you love. They also say it can’t buy you happiness. But what if it could?

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Are premium bonds still worth it?

12 January 2021

With the NS&I adjusting the premium bond prize-fund rate to just 1% in December of 2020, down from the previous 1.4%, around 21 million people saw their chances of winning fall.

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Worrying about saving enough for retirement is more common than you may think

05 January 2021

Determining how much you need to save for the retirement you want can be difficult enough without actually having to save the money.

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The furlough scheme highlights the importance of income protection

15 December 2020

The Government’s furlough scheme has acted as a wake up call that, without some form of income protection, many would not have made it through this year financially.

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Spelling out the Chancellor’s Spending Review

01 December 2020

On Wednesday, November 25th Chancellor Rishi Sunak delivered his Spending Review for next year to the House of Commons. In the absence of an Autumn Budget, the statement to the Commons set out the Government’s spending commitments for 2021/22.

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Stay on top of your mental health whilst working from home

24 November 2020

For many, the coronavirus pandemic has brought with it the necessity of remote working. Globally, those who have been able to do their work from the confines of their own home have been encouraged to do so and, as a result, were thrown into the deep end of remote work.

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How Brexit may affect the Stock Exchanges

17 November 2020

As the UK is set to depart from the frameworks of the EU, there is concern amidst London’s biggest share trading venues surrounding the topic of where they may be able to buy and sell European stocks and where they may not.

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Cash is on the decline in the UK

10 November 2020

Is cash still king? As contactless payment options have grown dramatically in availability and popularity in recent years, we have seen a reduction in the use of cash as a result.

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Later life care could cost £1,000 a week. How can Britain afford this?

04 November 2020

Covid-19 has made the country’s broken social care system an important political subject, one that urgently needs solving. As with all complex political subjects, the solution will be far from simple.

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