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Starting your financial Journey

As you start on your financial journey, it is hard to know how much to save whilst meeting your current living expenses and ensuring that you can manage any debt. Planning for your retirement can seem a long-way off and a daunting challenge.

Building up a Pension Pot

It is never too early to save into a personal or workplace pension as you will benefit from long-term growth on the money that you have invested. Money invested in a pension benefits from tax relief which means that for every £800 invested, you will receive an additional £200 in tax relief. In addition, workplace pensions can also benefit from your employer contributing into the scheme and increasing your pension pot.

Alternatively, ISAs are another flexible way of saving by allowing £20,000 to be invested tax-free per annum, with flexible withdrawals.

By reviewing your financial situation and modelling your future cashflow, our advisers can help you start a 
tax-efficient retirement plan which takes on board your current lifestyle expenses, whilst ensuring your investments achieve long-term growth to help you to retire comfortably. The earlier you start, the more you will have to enjoy your retirement!

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Clive’s Retirement Issue

Clive wanted to know what his retirement options are when he retires in the next 5-10 years. He has multiple pension policies accumulated throughout his working career and needed clarity around his retirement options. He wanted to know how much income he would need to retire and where it would come from. 

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The retirement journey


Approaching retirement 

With the new pension freedom, which entitles people to draw money from their pension once their reach 55, there are important tax implications to consider before drawing upon your pension. 

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managing your retirement income

Once you have decided to stop work you are entitled to take a monthly sum from your retirement plan; but the planning should not stop there since your retirement fund may be needed for up to thirty more years. 

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