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Where are you on your retirement Journey?

Planning early for your retirement needs will ensure that you maximise the growth in your pension plan. As you approach retirement, its time to review your pension plan to ensure it will meet your future needs. During retirement it is essential your money keeps working at its optimum level.

We will sit down with you and work out what levels of income you should contribute into a pension scheme to enable a comfortable retirement lifestyle.

PLANNING for your future

What are the best ways for you to save and when to start? We can help you consider ways to save towards your retirement, whilst still being able to meet your current financial obligations. The earlier you start, the more you will have to enjoy your retirement!

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Approaching retirement

It is important to consider how much you might need to live on during your retirement and how this compares to your current expected retirement income. We will help you explore your options, so that you can be better prepared for your retirement.

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Managing your retirement income

Life does not stand still when you retire, it is important to constantly review your financial goals since your funds may need to last for more than 30 years. Our advisers can help you gain financial clarity to ensure you can finance your retirement plans.

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Can I afford to retire

Clients are often worried about if they can afford to retire and at what age. We will listen to your requirements and work with you to provide you with the appropriate solution. The diagram below highlights the levels of income required to produce a sustainable pension at retirement age. 

Start investing 
at age 20

10% of salary

Start investing 
at age 30

15% of salary

Start investing 
at age 40

20% of salary

When can I retire

The age at which you can retire depends on the level of contributions that you have made into your pension plan. As a guide, the diagram below shows the level of pension contributions required to sustain your current living standards based on your level of income.

Income net 
of £30k

Personal pot required

Income net 
of £50k

Personal pot required

Income net 
of £70k

Personal pot required

Where And How Should I Invest?

Following our discussions with you about your retirement lifestyle choices, we will offer an unbiased recommendation based our research of the whole financial marketplace. We will ensure that your pension is invested in a portfolio that is appropriate for your age, appetite for risk and financial situation. This portfolio is then reviewed regularly by us to accommodate any changes in your personal circumstances or goals. 


How Can I Discuss This With You?

If you are concerned about your current pension arrangement or wish to start a new pension, we offer an initial consultation at no cost.  Please use the form below to arrange a suitable time, or please phone us on 0117 907 1965 if you wish to talk to one of our advisers before arranging a meeting. After the initial meeting, we will produce a retirement strategy for your consideration. 


What Do You Charge?

The initial consultation generally lasts up to one hour. We then offer a fee based service which is discussed and agreed with you before any recommendations are implemented.

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