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Why save?

Most of us would not be able to cope if we were not earning. There are many demands on our finances and the golden rule is that it is prudent to have enough savings to cope for at least three months, in case the worse happens, to avoid going into debt. The earlier that you can start a savings plan, the longer the opportunity that you have for your plan to grow and take advantages of tax efficiencies.  

How We Can Help…

At Absolute Wealth Management, we can develop a personal savings plan designed to generate or even preserve wealth. A savings plan can give you peace of mind and even help you to achieve your lifetime goals since you can develop sufficient funds to help you meet your aspirations. 

There are many different types of savings products, some with greater flexibility than others. We will consider what financial outcome you want to achieve so we can tailor our advice according to your specific needs. A savings plan can even open up different options later on in life when you decide to retire.

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Saving for my children's education

We all want the best possible start for our children in life, more than ever parents and children face significant financial hurdles. When considering a long term savings strategy to fund education, it is important to consider important issues such as the age at which your child, or even grandchild, will need access to these savings, since this can influence the which savings product you invest in.

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Saving for a more comfortable life

Many of us do not always consider how we could finance our life goals, be it planning a wedding, saving for a house deposit, starting a family or even funding retirement plans. Long-term planning is a vital key to unlocking the financial challenges faced when implementing a savings strategy.

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Saving for a better life in retirement

As we are all living longer lives, costs in retirement are rising steadily, it is important to be able to guarantee a sufficient income stream which could last at least 25 years. Reviewing your savings options in retirement will give you financial clarity and help you manage those long-term costs.

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Savings Accounts 

There are a variety of different savings accounts, all of which are designed to generate and preserve wealth. The amount of money you could generate will vary according to which savings account you opt for and the length of time you leave your money invested.

Individual Savings Account (ISA)

A popular way of saving is through cash or a stocks & shares ISAs since they offer a flexible way of investing.

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Lifetime ISA

A Lifetime ISA (LISA) is designed for the under 40's allowing them to save and invest up to £4,000 per annum in a tax free environment.

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Deposit Accounts

Banks and building societies offer short and long term deposit accounts; generally the interest rates than other long-term investments options.

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National Savings

NS&I is a government backed scheme offering a variety of investment products, with a guarantee to protect all your money.

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Bank/Building Society Bonds

Banks and building societies offer a guaranteed fixed rate bond for those who want to invest a lump sum over a set period.

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